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My first beer in Crete was Mythos on draught at the pool. I mentioned it in the last article about Athens that Mythos in a green bottle was my first beer in Greece. It wasn’t great in the bottle. It’s owned by Carlsberg by the way. On draught however, it’s a lovely malt forward lager. I had quite a number of them at the hotel.

Beer in Crete

The pool at the resort by the way is pretty cool. You can swim right up to the bar and sit on underwater bar stools. In that scenario, charge to your room t avoid soggy cash.

We were staying near Platanias in the Agia Marina area. It’s a long strip of shops and restaurants in between hotels and resorts. There didn’t seem to be much in the way of craft beer though the local supermarket had a decent enough selection.

Till we found a spot…

The restaurant was called Nostos and as it turns out, had only opened a few weeks beforehand. They brew their beer there and while the brewer/owner came over to us for a chat, I didn’t ask for a tour since we were on honeymoon.

The beers they brew as Belgian inspired but usually American hopped. It makes for some great beer for pairing with food. They are only in bottle and there’s an element of homebrew about the presentation as you can see in the images.  On the three nights we visited Nostos, we ordered beer first and then had wine with our main courses, mostly because they have some excellent local wine available.

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